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      Optitex 2D & 3D – 3 Day Course


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      Take your 2D pattern cutting skills a step further with innovative Optitex technology. This software is not only excellent for pattern making but 3D rendering and garment manipulation on avatars.

      Visualise and adapt design and construction without the need for physical sample making, Optitex provides a cost effective and time efficient alternative for the garment development process.

      What the 3-day course will cover:

      • 2D CAD Pattern Cutting
      • 3D Garment Modelling
      • Made To Measure Avatars
      • Importing/Exporting CAD Files
      • Digitising
      • Grading
      • Pattern Manipulation
      • Rendering and Generating Snapshots
      • Create Colourways, Logos and Print Scaling
      • Tension Map and Real-Life Simulation of Stress Points of the Garment
      • A Library of Trims, Fabrics and Rigid Parts
      • Checking Garment Fit on an Avatar

      Optitex tutor Claire Solley has a wealth of knowledge and has first-hand experience working with leading suppliers.

      Feedback from previous courses included:

      “10 out of 10, this course provides a comprehensive introduction into the capabilities and benefits of Optitex and its 3D functionalities.” – Ella

      “I learnt about the differences in CAD software and that Optitex is a well rounded one.” – Roseanne

      £499 – 3-day course Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th April 2021 and costs £499-