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      KnitWitsOwls: Red Waffle Dress

      KnitWitsOwls recently reviewed our red waffle fabric and made a dress using it!  Find out what she thought here!

      “So lets start from the top! The fabric is from FC FabricStudio who were kind enough to get in touch with me a while ago and ask if I wanted some fabric to blog about. And well Momma didn’t raise no fool so naturally I said yes!
      I sent a list of fabric I liked from the website and was sent this awesome red polyester waffle and another red floral jersey. Now because they were both red I pre washed them together with a colour catcher [FYI I now do all of my washing with a colour catcher just because it saves so much heartache]. Now the colour catcher came out red but I’m not sure which fabric ran and neither looked different coming out of the wash. So no harm no foul just something to be aware of.
      The websites easy to navigate and the washing instruction for each fabric are really clear which I love.
      They have just under 300 fabrics on the website and they start from £2.00 and go up to £14.00 which is hardly bank breaking now is it? The other thing I love is that all of the fabrics have a great RTW sort of vibe to them. There’s no novelty stuff which is great if you want to have a high street sort of look.”
      Read the full article on her blog here

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